People who have mental health problems have a lot on their hands and this is why they need all the help they can get.

To start with, not everyone who has mental health problems are aware. To them, what they experience is absolutely normal so they do not really mind.

The sad part is, it would get to a point where they are unable to manage this condition and they would need to check into a hospital. At this point, even though it is treatable, their case is chronic, and it would take proficient medical treatment to get them back on their feet.

There are various mental health problems but they have one unified solution, and that is to check into a rehab. However, before it reaches this stage, they must have gone through a phase of awareness.  

A good number of times, we discover that we have a particular problem after checking the internet, seeking names of symptoms similar to what we are feeling. At the point when we feel it is medically-inclined, we head to the hospital for help.

Spotting someone who has a mental health problem is quite easy provided you are observant to an extent. You should watch out for common signs that would give them off, and when you want to approach them, it is expedient to do so in love rather than prejudice.

The easiest way to convince someone with mental health problems to seek treatment, is to show that you are genuinely concerned about them, and until you do this, you might never be able to help someone who has a mental health issue.

When they get into a rehab, the first point of contact is the counselor, who would help them see the root cause of their addiction problem.

During this stage, the counselor would ensure the readiness of the individuals to ascertain that they are physically and mentally fit to be fully integrated into therapy.


Often times, the effects of addiction are evident with the physical symptoms, resulting from substance addiction.

Behavioral addiction does not induce physical symptoms and that is why it is difficult to spot someone who has a behavioral addiction. However, for substance addiction, it becomes very obvious within few weeks or months of getting fully addicted.

In a bid to cover these symptoms, some people try to put on an attractive personality that helps to mask these symptoms.

For instance, someone who is addicted in the workplace finds it hard to do without his or her addiction, so what they would do in this case, is to sneak out to indulge in their addiction.

When they are done, they would try to erase any trace that would give them out. And they would emerge from their hiding spot like nothing has happened.

The same applies to people who are addicted and live with their families. It is usually a burden for them to mask their addiction because they could be found out.

So, by all means possible, they would strive to put on a personality that would not make anyone suspect.

People who are addicted receive lots of criticisms from people all around them, and this is because, people fail to understand that addiction is not entirely an individual’s fault. There are a host of factors that contribute to the addiction of an individual.

It would surprise you to know that people in high places also combat addiction, but it cannot be easily detected because they have the means to take care of themselves and manage their addiction problem.

So, while it is okay to conceal your addiction so that people do not unnecessarily criticize you, it is essential to seek treatment alongside.

The fact is, it is impossible to hide your addiction problem forever. At a stage, you would have to open up to someone, or you might be found out. If it is the latter, then you would have lots of questions to answer.


Often times, we hear cases of people who are down with mental ill, and we are surprised because it is not visible on their faces. Of course, as expected, it is very rare for you to know someone who is mentally ill by just looking at their faces.

However, if you are lucky and you have a chance to discuss with someone who is in that shoe, you might be shocked to discover that they have been battling mental illness for a very long while, and their attractive personality has aided them in concealing those problems.

People who are in this condition cannot be blamed for this. The blame lies in no one in the actual sense. Nobody loves a mental illness condition, and it is usually quite difficult for people who are mentally sick, to open up to people.

Hence, when we get to discover that such people have been struggling with mental problems for so long, they should not be blamed. Rather, they should be assisted in every way they can.

We are often too quick to judge the mental stability of a person based on their good physical appearance. Most times, we overlook this appearance; assume they are alright, and sometimes turn a blind eye to any possible problems which they might be facing.

Bearing this in mind, it can be said that the mental state of a person radiates onto the external appearance.

One of the reasons for mental illness which is currently plaguing the lives of people, is addiction. Addiction is a condition which has eaten into a good number of people, and it is responsible for their mental instability.

With this fact in view, someone who is mentally ill could probably be facing one form of addiction. It might not be drug or alcohol addiction, it could be something else.

People who are mentally ill need an ample amount of care and attention, in order to prevent long-term adverse effects such as suicidal thoughts which could lead to their eventual deaths. The best option would be for them to visit an addiction rehab centre where they would receive the best of care.


Suffering from emotional issues can lead to denial, self-withdrawal and isolation due to the enormous pain felt and as such, there is a tendency to conceal the agony to avoid pity and ridicule. Sometimes, people do so by adorning themselves in a beautiful appearance or putting on a happy and endearing face to the entire world while masking their real state of being.
There are various feelings and temperaments attached to issues of emotional pain. There are various experiences associated with deeply felt emotional and psychological trauma. There is a feeling of being worthless, dejected, unloved, insulted or abused, taken advantage of, feelings of inferiority or unacceptable by the society, feelings of weakness and utmost dependency on others and so on. All these constitute a negative impact on the traumatized individual, and in most cases, they try to hide it.
In concealing emotional pain, one major factor has been noticed to be common, which is the subject of fear. There is fear of exposing the challenges been faced to the world in other to avoid been looked down on as weak and feeble beings. There is a feeling that revealing true emotions can cause them to be exploited and taken advantage of. It is like giving up and making it look as if they are failures.
Also there could be situations of gender differences too. Men are most likely not to open up due to fear of their maleness being compromised. In some cases, it becomes a problem of pride to divulge their secrets to another, and keeping to themselves in such situations, will enable them retain their masculinity and ego. Women on the other hand would avoid showing any form of emotional pain to prevent being told that they are weaker vessels or they are too sensitive.
Therefore, a major way people conceal their emotion distress is by putting up a charming and dazzling personality. They develop an attractive appearance and temperament, hence winning people over, while they actually suffer inside just for the fear of been exposed. Generally, the society appreciates appearance, and living an exquisite life is what everyone longs for.
Since there is a deliberate strive for the physical look and neglecting what goes on inward, there are situations where people who are known to be emotionally stable, are actually quite the opposite. In order to solve issues of psychological trauma, one must first be able to open up and not lead a life of pretense.