Disguising Mental Problems with an Attractive Appearance

attractive appearanceHow often do we hear stories of someone who had a good image discovered to be a messed up person? This is a very frequent occurrence in our culture. We value appearance so highly that we neglect to care for and improve on what is going on beneath the surface. Mental illness and disorders are extremely prevalent in our society, but these conditions will not improve by covering them up with an attractive appearance. Hard work, patience and support are required in order for a person to recover from mental problems.

Our society values appearance very highly. An impressive wardrobe, good hair and skin and a toned body are at the top of everyone’s wish list and people put every ounce of their energy toward achieving it. Sadly, our culture obsessively strives for physical perfection all the while neglecting their internal self and the state of their mental health, leading to situations where people who were thought to be very well put together are actually found to be broken inside. People equate a good appearance with good moral character and mental stability, but outward appearance is a very bad way of determining the strength of these characteristics. Outward appearance is merely the package a person comes in. Their true identity lies beneath the surface of their appearance.

There are any number of mental problems that could be lying beneath the surface of an attractive appearance. Well dressed businessmen may prove to be sociopaths or sexual deviants. The beautiful prom queen may prove to be suicidal. The star athlete may prove to be an alcoholic. Mental disorders and addictions plague every level of society and often strike the people we would lease suspect of struggling because they are physically well put together. However, history proves time and time again that a pretty package does not equate to anything substantial.

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