Dysfunction Masked by Beauty

beautiful outside ugly insideHow many instances have you encountered when you are impressed by a person initially but overtime come to feel that there is something wrong with them? This is common because overcoming mental problems is difficult work, so many people prefer to simply cover up their mental problems with an appealing facade rather than put the necessary work into them. This results in a person who has an appealing outward persona and a dark, disturbed inner life.

One in every five people in North America has a mental disorder or some kind of past trauma they have not confronted. This may include common mental illnesses such as depression and addiction, or it may include a past traumatic event that affected the person’s life deeply. These struggles get buried by the progression of life events to the point that they require psychoanalysis, counseling and personal reevaluation. Many people try to go through life avoiding these challenges to their way of life and perception of the world, and bury their mental problems under a layer of falsities. They strive to charm the people they encounter with their false personality and keep their mental problems a secret. This works until someone draws close to them and sees through the facade they project to the world.

A person who is trying to manipulate others into buying their false personality will even go as far as to use their physical appearance as a means of winning people over. This is where the idea of a person who is beautiful on the outside but not beautiful on the inside comes from. People use their clothing and wardrobe to project an image of esteem and success, and their grooming habits to convince others of their flawlessness, all the while being dysfunctional on the inside. Mental problems only grow and poison a person from the inside out when they are not dealt with, so it is in everyone’s best interest for people to confront them and work at defeating them.

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