Hiding Emotional Issues with a Dazzling Wardrobe

dazzling wardrobe emotional issuesThe healthy thing to do in life when struggling with an emotional issue of some sort is to seek treatment or psychologically sound recovery from it. However, as we all know, it is very common for people not to pursue a healthy recovery from emotional issues. It is much more likely for a person to run away from their problems than it is for them to confront them and grow as a person. People frequently attempt to bury their issues beneath a pleasing facade. One particular way of attempting to cover up and bury past traumas or hurts is by making one’s self aesthetically pleasing to compensate for what they feel is an ugly inside. Use of a dazzling wardrobe is particularly common in this sense.

An attractive wardrobe has long been a common method of covering up emotional issues. This is because it is human nature to assess a person by their outward appearance, and apparel is an integral part of someone’s appearance. When someone’s wardrobe is disheveled or wrinkled, we judge them to be a sloppy person. But when their wardrobe is pressed and clean we determine them to be impressive and worthwhile. This is partly due to our over exaggerated value on looks and partly due to a valuable instinct we have for categorizing people. Many people find working on their emotional issues too hard, so instead, they compensate for them by dressing in impressive clothes.

Ultimately, this way of thinking is harmful and misguided. When emotional issues are not dealt with, they fester beneath the surface and lead to much larger problems than the initial emotional issue was. Harboring pain, anger or fear is toxic to a person’s mental health the way that doing nothing to heal a disease is toxic to a person’s body. You may be able to cover up a wound with a pretty bandage, but unless it is properly cared for, it will only increase in harmfulness. If you think you can cover up emotional scars by dressing well, you will only hurt yourself.

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